Tarpan is a nightmare pop act from Sparks, Nevada. Their unique style brings in influences from old school industrial and post-industrial and also makes nods to witch house from a decade ago. Their first single is called Deploy Pyre. It is a free download on bandcamp and freely sharable under the terms of creative commons attribution license. The dark theme of the track is described on the single’s bandcamp page as follows:

The tragedy of someone who’s been part of a wicked system gaining self-awareness. Someone who concluded that only through burning themself and their accomplices alive in a mass murder-suicide purification ritual can their sins, and the tormented souls of their victims, be freed. It’s wry commentary on the radical who rightly recognizes the severity of the situation, but fails to transcend their violent indoctrination and limited imagination. Who clings to superstition and guilt. Who makes a beeline to killing cops before killing the cop in their head.

Thomas Webb of Tarpan and Hand Fetish Records promises this will be the first of many singles and EPs to come.